Our Promise


100% Australian designed, made and owned with a guarantee that it will never change. We support farmers, producers, businesses and families within our community to keep our local economy stimulated and ensure jobs are retained.


We’re committed to sustainability as we work towards a zero-wastage model. The impact starts with how we operate and we take pride in keeping our environmental footprint small by having a good supply chain.
  • A focus on reducing our environmental footprint during every phase of our product’s lifecycle.
  • All of our products are made in Queensland, Australia and we source our ingredients locally.
  • Using fresh ingredients that haven’t been transported long distances. We like to keep our formula simple: Farmer to us to you!
  • Our packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard and natural materials which when recycled can be turned into brand new boxes to close the loop.
  • We use eco friendly packaging wherever possible.
  • We use biodegradable packaging to ensure minimal plastic is used.
  • Food waste scraps are repurposed for animal feed to reduce wastage.
  • Our parcels are sent through Australia Post who invest in a carbon neutral delivery program to compensate for their emissions.
We are always working on our processes to ensure we are following the highest level of sustainable business practices to reduce environmental impacts.


    We have made very conscious decisions in how we make our treats, supplements and remedies. We use ethically sourced ingredients from local Australian farmers which align with our strict animal welfare standards. We’re committed to ensuring all animals have a high quality of life and are humanely raised.

    Our free-range meats and poultry are ethically raised without the use of growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics while our seafood is responsibly caught from pristine waters.

    By partnering with local suppliers, we can ensure that we are only using premium ingredients that can be traced back to a sustainable source. Quality is important to us and sourcing natural ingredients from responsible sources who share the same values and ethics is our highest priority.


    We give you peace of mind with food safety you can trust.

    We are transparent in our practices and have a passion for doing things the natural way by using locally sourced, human grade ingredients. We only believe in real ingredients and unprocessed wholesome food to provide a solid foundation for your pet’s wellbeing. Our promise to provide traceability from farm to home gives you confidence in where the product originated and the ethical methods used.