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Emu, Apple & Mint

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    Our delicious Thins are handmade using only the highest quality human grade ingredients.

    • Fun wafer bite sized discs.
    • Handcrafted with a combination of human grade meat, healthy vegetables and organically grown herbs.
    • Prepared in small batches and slowly dehydrated to lock in the nutritious benefits.
    • Play with pieces! Our thins can be broken into pieces perfect for training, rewarding good behaviour, or simply being a delicious, healthy snack between meals.
    • Animal Nutritionist and Vet approved
    • Made locally from ingredients sourced locally.
    • Brisbane made, Australian Owned.


      Low in fat and high is protein, emu is packed with twice the amount of iron in beef, perfect for growing dogs.

      We use only the best quality organic apples to assist digestions and help maintain healthy weight. Full of with vitamin A and C, fresh mint is a great way to freshen breath.


      Australian emu, organic apple, fresh organic mint


      Per 100g
      Energy (kJ) 1810.56
      Proteins (g) 41.42
      Fat (g) 15.5
      Sodium (mg) 121
      Fiber (g) 6.28

      Emu, Apple & Mint
      Emu, Apple & Mint
      Emu, Apple & Mint
      Emu, Apple & Mint
      Emu, Apple & Mint