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Emu Enricher Protein

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    25g or 90g

    Elevate your dog's nutrition with our Emu Enricher Protein Powder - a powerhouse of nutrients for a healthier, happier pup. Whether your dog is a discerning eater or simply deserves an extra boost of vitality, this enricher is the answer.

    Give your cherished companion the gift of enhanced nutrition. Try our Emu Enricher Protein Powder today and see the difference it makes in their overall well-being!


    Irresistible Mealtime Temptation: Is mealtime a struggle with your dog? Sprinkle our Emu Enricher over their food and watch them eagerly devour every bite. It's a surefire way to turn every meal into a delightful feast. Pancreatitis-Friendly Option: Our Emu Enricher is low in fat and cholesterol, making it an ideal choice for dogs with pancreatitis. It provides essential nutrition without overloading their system. Nutrient-Dense Lean Red Meat: Packed with essential nutrients, our Emu Enricher offers a lean source of red meat suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. It's a comprehensive nutrition boost for every stage of life.

    How To Use

    Customise your dog's dining experience!

    Serving Size:
    Small Dog - 1/4 teaspoon
    Medium Dog - 1/2 teaspoon
    Large Dog - 1 teaspoon
    Extra Large Dog - 1 tablespoon

    ✅ Measure Carefully: Start with the recommended serving size based on your dog's weight and dietary needs.

    ✅ Mix with Food: Sprinkle the protein meal powder directly onto your dog's regular food.

    ✅ Blend for Smooth Consistency: For finicky eaters, consider blending the powder with wet food.

    ✅ Consider Hydration: Add water to create a broth if desired, enhancing both flavour and water intake in the warmer months.

    ✅ Incorporate into Enrichment: Experiment with adding our Enrichers to enrichment toys such as Licky and Snuffle Pads.

    ✅ Consistency is Key: To see the full benefits, use the protein meal powder regularly as part of your dog's balanced diet.


    100% Australian emu.

    No preservatives or additives.


    Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 1756
    Proteins (g) 88.8
    Fat (g) 2.96
    Sodium (mg) 368
    Fiber (g) 0

    Emu Enricher Protein