Husky dog with Christmas Baked Cookies treats from The Treatery, Christmas tree in the background

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

Looking for the perfect gift for the wonderful dog in your life? We've got you covered!

It can be difficult to find the perfect present for the dog in your life that they will love so we’ve put together the perfect list of the best dog Christmas gifts this year.  They’re the kind of gifts your dog would put on their Christmas gift list if they knew how to write.

 Christmas Baked Cookies Trio

Christmas Trio | $12

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with The Treatery! Your pup can enjoy our limited edition Christmas Trio cookies, shaped to look like adorable little Christmas trees.  


Gingerbread Doggie Icecream | $6

Treat your dog to a cooling snack this Christmas with their very own Hugo’s Ice Creamery Gingerbread ice cream. They can enjoy the cool scoop while crunching down on a Treatery gingerbread cookie! Visit their website to find your closest stockist. 


ZippyPaws Bin Chicken in Wheelie Bin Burrow

Zippy Paws Bin Chicken in Wheelie Bin Burrow | $35

 Is there anything more Australian than the infamous Bin Chicken!? Give them the gift of sniffing, burrowing and squeaking this Christmas. Zippy Paws burrows are a great way for dogs to burn off energy and get mental stimulation.


Dog with snuffle mat  

The Fluer Snuffle Mat | $55

 Have you got a busy Christmas planned with the family? Avoid the puppy dog eyes with our Fluer Snuffle Mat when you're popping out to visit family. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is having the time of their life with their new snuffle mat while you're enjoying your day.


Baked Christmas cookies

Christmas Cookie 4 Pack | $4.50

 The perfect stocking stuffer for your dog's park and daycare friends. Every 4 pack has a different range of Christmas themed cookies.


Turtle Licky Pad | $15

 Is your dog tired of the same boring licky mats? Give them our unique Licky Pads for Christmas and watch their glee as they lick their way through the grooves. Great to use with doggie safe peanut butter and yogurt to make sure they aren't stealing from the dinner table!


Turkey, Berry and Cinnamon This dog treats

Turkey, Berry & Cinnamon Thins | $12

Give your dog a turkey dinner to enjoy on Christmas night! Delicious, nutritious treats, rich in antioxidants.

 Do dogs understand the concept of Christmas? No, probably not. But do they deserve the best gift anyway? Of course they do!

 There are a few things to think about when buying the perfect Christmas gifts for your family and friend's dogs. Here are a few things to think about first:

🎅 Get in quick as postage cut off times start in early December.

🎄 Observing their go-to favourite treats and toys.

❄️ Ask your friends and family if their dog has any allergies.

🦌 Make sure you supervise your dog with new treats and toys. 

⛄ Use eco-friendly wrapping paper to show love to the environment.

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We hope you and your dog have a very Merry Christmas!